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Leading the connectivity revolution.

Recent years have seen massive advances in distributed ledger technologies, such as blockchain, DAG and Tempo. The result is a significant shift in the way individuals and organisations connect and interact with each other, enabling them to exchange information and assets, more securely, simply and cost-effectively.

Quant is leading this revolution. We’ve already developed Overledger DLT gateway – the world’s first DLT gateway for enterprise that delivers interoperability across different systems, networks, and DLTs. Now, we’re building on this platform to help enterprises, governments, and individuals, across the globe benefit from the true potential of an incredibly powerful technology. 

Unlock the true value of DLTs at a single stroke.

Quant team Overledger DLT gateway has game-changing implications for the world of distributed ledgers. Why? Because it delivers interoperability across systems, networks and DLTs, securely, simply, and cost-effectively, without the need for new infrastructure or introducing bottlenecks. By removing the barriers to interoperability, Overledger helps you to create a whole new world of possibility.

We’ve solved DLT interoperability, thereby positioning us to rearchitect our systems and create networks as connected as the world we live in, to help drive tremendous value, open up new markets and realise new efficiencies for enterprise, governments and individuals alike.

Gilbert Verdian
CEO & Founder of Quant
2017 close-up of Gilbert Verdian talking about the value and potential of DLT interoperability

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