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It was during his time in 2009 at HM Treasury in the UK Government and later as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Department of Health that Gilbert Verdian first realised the full potential of blockchain: he saw how the technology could advance patient care by providing interoperability across multiple networks and datasets. It was in 2015 when he founded the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 which has become an international effort of 53 countries working together to standarise the technology. To Gilbert, the implications for other sectors suddenly became instantly clear. And immensely exciting.


Thus, Overledger was born: a technology which allows organisations to benefit from blockchain through a single, simple-to-use gateway that eliminates the need to integrate multiple individual blockchain gateways, saving time and money.


Today, Gilbert Verdian and the team at Quant Network continue to develop Overledger, the world’s first blockchain operating system. It is a technology which is at the core of the company’s vision and mission.

The Quant Vision

To power a trusted connected world

The Quant Mission

To interconnect the world’s networks to blockchain and make this technology accessible to all.


Of course, as with almost every company, the realisation of our vision is critically dependent on the company’s people and culture. That’s why our values are so important to us – they create a sense of shared identity within Quant, and define not only what we stand for, but how we do things.

Quant Network – Value Statements

Being innovative is the challenge we love most.


To build a trusted network, you have to understand the value of trust.


Nothing big was ever built by thinking small. Problems are there to be solved.


Continuous self-development demands continuous self-evaluation


Learn to adapt. Adapt to learn.


Our technology is extremely powerful. But our respect for others and care for the environment is equally powerful.