Blockchain operating system Overledger, created by Quant Network, now supports public permissionless blockchains, starting with Ethereum Ropsten.

From August 16th2019, Overledger will support public permissionless blockchains, starting with the Ethereum Ropsten testnet thus allowing developers and blockchain users to develop, test and host their mApps (Multichain Applications) on both private and public blockchains. Universal interoperability between private permissioned blockchains and public permissionless ones is now possible to create innovative cross-chain use cases and business applications.

Quant Network’s Overledger operating system is the only interoperability platform for bridging multiple blockchains at scale and today supports up to 10 blockchains including Hyperledger Fabric, Corda, Ethereum, Bitcoin, IOTA, EOS and Ripple.

The new release interoperating with Ethereum Ropsten testnet will support Ethereum and all ERC20 token transactions. Overledger’s Java and Javascript SDKs can be used to build cross-platform applications that span permissioned and permissionless blockchains. Overledger provides a unified abstraction which can interconnect and access multiple blockchains through a single SDK language and API.

Overledger’s revolutionary approach, enables enterprises to simply focus on building innovative business applications and use cases, allowing developers and teams to build and test their applications without the complexity of multiple infrastructure stacks.

Overledger enables Enterprise blockchain applications to be universal and cross-platform, interconnecting with various blockchains without worrying about different underlying protocols and infrastructure.

Quant Network is a technology provider enabling trusted digital interaction, helping create a secure digital future to benefit of enterprise, regulators, governments, and individuals. Recognised for having solved interoperability through the creation of the world’s first blockchain operating system Overledger, Quant Network, is committed to leading the way for innovation and blockchain adoption across enterprise.  Headquartered in London UK, Quant Network is committed to building an internet of trust.

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