Overledger in the Blockchain Technology Whitepaper

Overledger in the Blockchain Technology Whitepaper

Quant Network advisor Paolo Tasca has been interviewed as part of the Blockchain Technology Conference Whitepaper, in which experts share their blockchain technology, development, and strategy know-how. Paolo is also the Executive Director at the Centre for Blockchain Technologies at the University College London (UCL).

The whitepaper has been authored by the Blockchain Technology Conference in order to share expert knowledge about blockchain technology, development, and strategy. After a brief introduction to blockchain technology, the paper includes a range of interviews about advanced development as well as impact and strategy.

The interview with JAXenter talks about the value which Overledger powered multi-chain applications bring to the blockchain technology. Overledger aims to open blockchain’s “borders” and facilitate the development of multi-chain applications.

“Enabling cross-chain communications – including the recognition and transfer of transactions – is not dissimilar to opening borders to allow international trade.” Says Paolo, “It will usher in a new era of digital economic growth and prosperity not unlike the industrial revolutions of the past.”

Read what Quant Network Advisor and Executive Director at the Centre of Blockchain Technologies at UCL has to say about Overledger in the Blockchain Technology Conference Whitepaper: https://blockchainconf.net/blockchain-technology-development-whitepaper/