From August 16th2019, Overledger will support public permissionless blockchains, starting with the Ethereum Ropsten testnet thus allowing developers and blockchain users to develop, test and host their mApps (Multichain Applications) on both private and public blockchains. Universal interoperability between private permissioned blockchains and public permissionless...

Quant Network are delighted to announce that they have been working with Binance and will be connecting Binance Chain to their Overledger operating system, solving interoperability. Having already connected a number of enterprise blockchains such as Corda, Hyperledger and Ripple as well as public blockchains such as Bitcoin, Stellar and Ethereum, Binance chain users will now benefit from Universal Interoperability from being able to cross transact across blockchains through the unique approach provided by Overledger technology.

As technology advances from the ground breaking to the almost innocuous, every-day and even primitive, its multiple variations settle to a standard whether organically or through formal discussion. Standardisation forms an essential part in a technology’s adoption curve and Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) are no exceptions. One of the key people sounding the klaxon for blockchain standardisation sat down with the team to explain why we should be thinking standards.