How is the Quant Tech Team progressing?

A little over a month ago, we kicked-off our Demo Friday initiative as a way of sharing the progress the Quant Tech Team are making. Below is a recap of all the exciting updates from the last month.

Week 1:

Our Chief Architect, Jean-Paul, led the first Demo Friday session and showcased how the the team have been working on the integration patterns for varying DLT connectors and shared a demonstration of the first two connecters.

Week 2:

The team demoed the third DLT for integration. In order to facilitate that, the team have started to build out the functions and methods we require in our BPI (Blockchain Programming Interface), and demoed the beginnings of multi-chain writes/reads through the BPI layer with an elementary SDK.

Week 3:

Vijay led this session and shared with the latest development of the bitcoin connectors. Work is also in progress regarding a developer portal to help our community getting started with Quant Overledger development.

Week 4:

We received a sneak-peak into the progress being made on the developer portal. The team are busily putting the finishing touches.

In additional news, the team is also steadily growing with some of a stellar new full time developer and also a dev-ops specialist we look forward to introducing you to them in the coming weeks.

Week 5:

The growing team at Quant HQ.

This week we had some great updates from multiple teams members including our intern, Alex, who showed the progress he has made with the Ripple connector.

In regards to our the latest on the Dev Portal — the team have just updated the number of languages the portal will be available in to reflect the teams’ native languages. This currently includes Dutch, French, Romanian, Hindi, Armenian and Mandarin.

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