Meet our Developers — Sebastien Bramille

We are incredibly proud of the diverse team of developers we have assembled to bring Overledger to life. Together, they truly are a dream team. This week, we profile one of our original recruits and resident Ethereum expert, Sebastien Bramille. 

Sebastien is a predominantly self-taught full-stack web developer & blockchain developer. He is also a creative entrepreneur by nature and passionate about new technologies and is constantly looking for new challenges.

He is a multi-skilled and language agnostic developer on backend, frontend, devops and capable of architecting and building technical solutions from scratch. Sebastien moved into to the blockchain space in 2017 and joined multiple open-sources projects as well as start-ups to build some new decentralised applications to solve real business issues.

1) Full stack developer — What exactly does that entail?

In my opinion, developer is the guru behind the scene who’s making the wheels work with each other to facilitate the user interaction with an application and making these wheels pretty, testable and maintainable.

2) You have extensive work experience, what do you think are your biggest strengths that you bring to Quant Network?

I’m curious by nature and that can help when it comes to finding solutions and anticipating the user behaviour on our Quant network, I also come from Ethereum blockchain world with the solidity language. I’ve also built some DAPPs on Ethereum just for fun.

3) What attracted you to Quant?
When JP explain me the project, my immediate thought was: “How the hell can we do that?” and laughed. Then I thought about the solution and the potential and possible uses and i really wanted to be a part of building something like this that hasn’t been done before. Quant Network is here to resolve real world issues and these issues are ones that the other blockchains like Ethereum haven’t addressed yet.

4) What is your favourite part about joining the Quant Network team?
Fun, friendly and talented colleagues, we don’t hesitate to share our opinion between each other and we are all eager to see the Quant Network in production. Very good start-up culture and we are all experts on our domain from the DEV to the CEO.

Fast Five Speed Dating Questions:

What is your most-used emoji?


Three words that best describe you?
Curious, friendly & enthusiastic

What’s your ideal vacation?
A world tour with friends

What are you most proud of?
The smile on our users face when we did a great job =D

Languages you can speak?
English, French

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