Meet our Developers — Vijay Varma

We are incredibly proud of the diverse team of developers we have assembled to bring Overedger to life. Together, they truly are a dream team. This week we profile one of our esteemed colleagues, Vijay Varma. Vijay is a creative entrepreneur by nature and has over 15 years of developer experience in latest technologies like Java, Scala, Blockchain & enterprise technology solutions. Over the course of his career, he has worked for a number of prestigious organisations including J&J, Deutsche, HSBC, BNP Paribas, UBS Banks, HMRC and Network Rail. At Quant, he is also our resident Bitcoin guru.

Full Stack Developer- What exactly does that entail?

Well, it involves what I call “Technical Fun”. Every day I am involved in something challenging in blockchain technologies. Building applications which will solves real business issues. It’s really fun to be in this space.

You have extensive work experience, what do you think are your biggest strengths that you bring to Quant Network?

Blockchain, blockchain & blockchain. And my hands-on experience with Bitcoin applications comes in handy.

What attracted you to Quant Network?

I was looking to do something more exciting, challenging and different… more than crypto currency transactions. Quant demonstrated an idea which is really amazing and can be useful in an endless number of use cases. They are a team of successful people in their areas and that gave me confidence that I am moving to something I want and there you go, here I am!

What is your favourite part about joining the Quant Network team?

I just love the start-up culture here, highly technical colleagues, regular discussions, pair programming to solve issues, product design discussions & on top of all that — the developer floor has whiteboards everywhere! You can write pretty much on any one of the walls in the office at any time!

Fast Five Speed Dating Questions:

What is your most-used emoji?


Three words that best describe you?

3F — funny, friendly & fearless

What’s your ideal vacation?

At least 4 weeks in Seychelles!

What are you most proud of?

My first successful business making jewellery & still running.

Languages you can speak?

English, Hindi

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