It’s become clear that many of the cybersecurity approaches taken over the last 20 years just aren’t working. We have reached a crisis of trust in the digital world caused by limitations in the security of network technology. As the digital world is becoming bigger and more people are using it to transact through eCommerce or valuable information through sharing of data, what’s required now is a rethink. It’s vital to address cybersecurity and issues of trust and safety and to look at how we’re tackling and solving them.

Personal data security could not be a more critical topic right now. Trust in technology companies and systems has been dramatically eroded by mismanagement and misuse of private data, resulting in breaches and leaks. There are serious implications for national security if data and systems are compromised and this is being debated at government level. At a time when trust is at a major low, British start-up Quant Network is developing tech solutions that will bring trust back into an industry that really needs it.

We are pleased to announce that Quant Network has achieved Technology Partner status with Amazon’s AWS Partner Network (APN). A move that will enable more than a million active customers to benefit from our Overledger blockchain operating system who use AWS Cloud solutions to deliver flexibility, scalability, and reliability.