Quant Network End of Year Newsletter

Dear Quant Community,

As 2018 draws to a close, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. It has been a busy and exciting year and we’ve been working on many projects behind the scenes. Recently we’ve had the chance to share more details on some of these projects with you. We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us.


On November 20th we held our inaugural QuantX event, where we presented the features and capabilities of Overledger for the first time. Our presentation outlined both the need for interoperability solutions, and the potential that Overledger has for innovation.

In order to prove what Overledger makes possible, we demonstrated the unique capabilities of our technology through several mApps (multi-chain applications) which the dev team had created themselves. These included d-commerce (decentralised commerce) in a motorcycle marketplace which we shared with the community in September, as well as a blockchain search engine (temporarily named Qoogle). Our distributed search engine allows you to search data and transactions across different blockchains and will be released in early 2019. Currently we lack a name for it, so we would love the community’s support in selecting one.

Most importantly we demonstrated the beginnings of the Internet of Trust by delivering the Web and HTML across interconnected distributed networks. We believe that we are truly at the same point in time when the WWW was released by Tim Berners-Lee in 1993. To mark the occasion, we also created a time capsule on the Ethereum blockchain which can be viewed on 0xdd18bff0579e3d8a9e373a19454208d6e1c3e3f046c4338569e4e273a194f759

We even surprised participants who registered for the live questionnaire and voting web app during the event by revealing that they all used different blockchains without the complexity and friction in setting up wallets by each user. We’re further developing this into a frictionless Identity solution for Enterprises. The Q&A was running on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple simultaneously, and users only had to type in a URL to access it.


This December we announced the start of many strategic partnerships. We announced that we have joined MOBI and INTEROPen, to bring blockchain interoperability to both the transport and healthcare industries. We also partnered with AUCloud, AllianceBlock, and Crowdz.

The aim of these partnerships is to collaborate on global efforts to promote the adoption of blockchain technology in a way that is easy and safe for Enterprise. We have been working on many of these partnerships for months and have only just been able to announce them.

There are many more to come in the new year, so we look forward to sharing these with you. We strongly believe that Overledger is integral to mass adoption of blockchain technology and that 2019 will be an exciting year for us. We are currently talking to over 50 enterprises, public sector bodies, potential partners, and consortia who are interested in our technologies. Possible use cases span several industries such as telecommunications, financial services, insurance, automotive, IOT, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare.

mApp store

We also achieved one of our key milestones a month early, by releasing the first iteration of the mApp store on the developer portal in early December. Now developers who create mApps can now share them with the community. Developers will be able to monetise mApps from first half of 2019 onwards. You can sign up to our developer portal and get started: https://developer.quant.network.

The developer portal also received a makeover to bring it in line with our corporate branding.

Token Utility

Related to the mApp Marketplace, we are in the final stages of publishing our tokenomics model for Enterprise and Community. We will be publishing the final model in January 2019.

In summary:

  • We have an Enterprise and Community approach to the utility of the tokens.
  • Each developer and enterprise will need to hold QNT as a license to be able to develop and publish mApps.
  • Charging for the use of mApps will be at the discretion of the developer or enterprise. They will be able to charge using FIAT or QNT.
  • QNT is also paid for the amount of volume that is transacted through Overledger for read and write transactions.
  • Gas fees for permission-less blockchains can be all handled by the developer. Alternatively, Quant Network can manage them on their behalf.
  • This is all handled in our Treasury which will have a payment processor engine to facilitate this.
  • We’ll have more detail published in January

We feel that this approach works well for Enterprise, developers, and users, who can pay in QNT. We are finalising the final details of the model and will have it ready for publishing in January.


We’ve had a tremendous amount of interest in GoVerify from large banks and Governments, to help protect their customers and staff from fraud. GoVerify allows customers to verify that every email, letter and call is genuine without any personal data leaving the organisation.

We’ve been busy enhancing GoVerify to be blockchain enabled and run on Overledger. It is now in the final stages of development and getting ready for testing to release early 2019. We’re giving Enterprises choice to use the blockchain version with additional features and benefits.

Exchange update

Earlier this year, we started listing QNT on exchanges in line with our regulatory approach and strategy. We have lined up a number of additional exchanges with different capabilities catering for our different users. We’ll be executing the listings from January onwards in line with our strategy.

You can expect exchange announcements early next year.

Patent update

We have been progressing our patent filings with our lawyers and patent attorneys. They are both filed for the EU first then we’ll extend to other jurisdictions. The first patent relating to our TrustTag technology is at the final stages and we should hear the outcome early next year. Our Overledger patent relating to ordering and filtering has also progressed and we have until the end of 2019 to hear the outcomes from the patent office.

Community Engagement

Our community has been incredibly active and supportive throughout 2018. We enjoy directly engaging and answering questions as well as getting feedback, suggestions and ideas from everyone.

We’re very happy to see such a positive environment made possible by everyone in the community. We especially like to thank our community admins who have been doing such an immense job in keeping the engagement professional and thoughtful. We’ve also seen new initiatives by our community, such as collating AMA transcripts, and creating new social profiles and forums, such as www.qntchat.com and telegram channels to discuss specific topics in more depth.

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