Quant Network has been accepted into the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem

We are happy to announce that we have been accepted into the Oracle Global Start-up Ecosystem – a move that will enable us to benefit from Oracle’s global customers, and product and market expertise.

The program serves startups at scale by building a thriving global startup community based on mutually beneficial partnerships that enable next-generation growth, business development, and drive cloud-based innovation for startups, customers, and Oracle.

Some of the benefits of Quant Network’s involvement in this ecosystem include access to engagement with Oracle’s 430,000+ customers; access to Oracle’s product and development teams; world-class global mentoring program and curriculum; and proof of concept (POC) development.

Quant Network’s vision for Overledger, is to provide customers choice with ease of implementing any blockchain technology.

Quant Network CEO Gilbert Verdian stated, “We are pleased to be included in this program, which puts us another step closer to achieving our vision. Moreover, this program provides us with the invaluable opportunity to engage with Oracle’s product development teams and 430,000+ customers who through this mutually beneficial partnership can now benefit from the use of Overledger.”


Quant Network’s Blockchain Operating System called Overledger addresses the most significant challenge and unmet need faced by enterprises wishing to use and implement blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) based applications. Overledger provides interoperability between blockchains as well as the ease of use of the underlying blockchain and related DLTs. Overledger makes it possible for enterprises to implement blockchain or DLT with as little as three lines of code with minimal investment on infrastructure and specialist resources.

Interoperability provides the ability to recognise transactions across multiple blockchains or distributed ledger technologies.

By solving the interoperability challenge, the Overledger operating system can facilitate the development of scalable and resilient blockchain based multichain applications (mApps).

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