Quant Network January 2019 Newsletter

Dear Quant Community,

It’s a new year and this month has been filled with announcements. We have a lot of exciting events coming up in the next month and plenty of things to look forward to in 2019.

Quant Network team in New York and Milan

Earlier this month the team traveled to Milan to meet with potential clients and discuss partnership opportunities. We plan to release more information about these meetings shortly, but we were happy to see the enthusiasm for Overledger and are more convinced than ever that the demand for blockchain interoperability is strong.

We are still interested in expanding into the US, and to that end, Gilbert and Colin met with even more potential partners and investors in New York to explore corporate opportunities.

Upcoming events

On the 13th of February, Quant Network COO Gerald Dunn, our Lead Architect Jean-Paul de Jong, and our CTO Colin Paterson are leading an interactive introduction to Overledger for developers with 101 Ways. The event is a workshop that guides you through the development of the Javascript elements of Overledger and building a working mApp. Interested developers can register to attend here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/iwomm-developing-on-the-blockchain-tickets-55342372526?aff=DeveloppingTwitter

This is only the first step towards building a thriving ecosystem for blockchain developers who would like to build the future with Overledger. To this end, we are exploring the possibility of running some international hackathons with Techstars.

The following week, Gerald is leading an interactive discussion at AND Digital’s Breakfast event titled “To Block or Not?” for professionals who are interested in implementing blockchain solutions for their Enterprise. The talk is being held in Manchester on the 28th of February at 08:15-10:30. To attend you can RSVP at [email protected].

Technology update

As the year has only just begun we’d like to share some of our priorities this year with you. This is by no means a comprehensive list of what we’ll be working on – rather some of the bare minimum, foundational projects we foresee happening this year.

One of our top priorities for 2019 is connecting Overledger to Corda. Corda is particularly important for the financial sector, and it is imperative that our clients will have access to the platform using Overledger. We hope to have this connector ready by the end of Q1.

Smart contracts are another key focus, since they will be essential for developers hoping to build multi-chain applications using Overledger, and must be completed before we start work on Treaty Contracts.

Finally, the mApp store will also be undergoing work this year as we roll out updates for developers. More information will be released in line with updates regarding Quant Treasury.

Token Utility

The initial version of our Token Utility was released in late January, outlining how the token will be used by Enterprises and developers.

You can read the full document here: https://www.quant.network/QUANT_Token_Utility_V0.1.pdf

As we said, we hope to release a finalized version in Q2 when we release the Quant Treasury, and we welcome feedback from the community via Telegram, Twitter, and email at [email protected].

Blockfolio Signal and Delta Direct

This month we have also added some new ways for people to discover Quant Network and stay up to date with our most recent announcements, news, and updates. They will now be sent directly to the Blockfolio and Delta apps, so that token holders never miss anything important.

As we become busier it is also more difficult for us to dedicate time to answer questions – this is why we have decided to change the AMA schedule so that they occur fortnightly. It is our hope that the more frequent updates on Blockfolio Signal and Delta Direct will be an acceptable compromise.

Exchange listings

We recently announced that QNT Tokens will be listed on DigiFinex and IDAX, two top 10 exchanges, and also revealed that we are listed on Bittrex International.

We are progressing with another exchange which we cannot discuss due to an NDA, but we can reveal that it is also top 10 by adjusted volume on Coinmarketcap.

Quant Network

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