Quant Network joins Hyperledger

Quant Network joins Hyperledger

Quant Network is joining Hyperledger, an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Hyperledger is a multi-project, multi-stakeholder effort that includes 12 enterprise blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Hyperledger enables organisations to build robust, industry-specific applications, platforms and hardware systems to support their business transactions by creating enterprise-grade open source distributed ledger frameworks and code bases. More than 270 organisations are now contributing to the growth of Hyperledger’s open source distributed ledger frameworks and tools.

Quant Network’s blockchain operating system, Overledger, has had a Hyperledger Fabric connector since 2018. Joining the Hyperledger community will help us further strengthen integration and enable interoperability with Hyperledger’s technnologies. Additionally, Hyperledger members will have the opportunity to gain access to the Overledger operating system, which can provide them with choice and ease of implementing Hyperledger as well as any other blockchain and distributed ledger technology and the ability to seamlessly integrate these technologies with legacy systems.

“We are honoured to join Hyperledger and the Linux Foundation to contribute to open source software and provide domain expertise,” said Gilbert Verdian, CEO and founder, Quant Network. “We see the immense value of collaborating to bring mass adoption for blockchain technology and contributing with our Overledger operating system which helps unlock the potential of blockchain technology, solving interoperability between blockchains as well as existing networks.

He added, “Our work is driven by the belief that collaboration makes the blockchain ecosystem stronger, which is why the majority of our code is open source. We believe it’s crucial to support the development of DLT solutions and Hyperledger projects for enterprises and developers. We are excited to join this community to both contribute and help customers and users around the world benefit from this transformational technology.”

About Quant Network

Quant Network is a pioneering technology company combining cybersecurity, industry and government experience to develop advanced technologies which enable trusted interactions between companies and their customers.

Overledger is the world’s first blockchain operating system to harness the power of multiple blockchains by interconnecting the world’s networks to unlock business value. Overledger solves interoperability between blockchains, distributed ledger networks and existing legacy systems and networks, enabling enterprises to innovate and build new business models and next-generation multi-chain applications with just three lines of code.

By solving the interoperability challenge, the Overledger operating system can facilitate the development of scalable and resilient blockchain based multichain applications (mApps).

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