Quant Network Listed on Beaxy Exchange

Beaxy, an advanced digital asset exchange platform, has announced that it will list QNT token, the native token of Quant Network, for trading. This enables QNT token traders to use more advanced order types and a wider set of tools than previously available. The move comes along with other highly anticipated listings of sought after tokens.

The team at Quant was introduced to Beaxy and then began the rigorous listing process, which involves assessment of the project technology, utility, and economics primarily. QNT was able to pass this assessment successfully, gaining eligibility for immediate listing on the platform. “We’re excited to be listed on Beaxy” said Gilbert Verdian, founder of Quant Network. “This represents a new step forward for us, with the inclusion of QNT tokens on an advanced platform such as this to help cater to our enterprise and institutional clients who use Overledger.”

Quant have removed the barriers to seamlessly use any blockchain technology, giving enterprise clients choice, flexibility and interoperability.

Overledger, the world’s first blockchain operating system which solves interoperability at-scale for enterprise permissioned and public permissionless blockchains and existing platforms. Quant have been re-architecting the foundations of the financial system in financial infrastructure by working with SIA serving European banks and financial institutions and capital markets infrastructure by working with AX Trading in the US to create a trillion-dollar market for previously illiquid assets of tokenized private equity, public equity, real estate, investment funds.

You can register for Beaxy and explore it’s tools, features, and other listed assets here.

Beaxy media contact: Franklin Fitch

Email: [email protected]

About Beaxy: Beaxy is a digital asset and cryptocurrency exchange built in collaboration with OneMarketData. Beaxy offers individuals and institutions a single, innovative platform to access digital asset spot markets. By combining professional tools, advanced technology, sophisticated regulatory oversight, and a diverse product set, Beaxy offers compliant, capital markets friendly workflows to digital market participants. With more advanced order types than other exchanges and 225,000 transactions per second per pair, comparable to NASDAQ and faster than any of its competitors, Beaxy bringings legacy finance, speed, power, and sophistication to this emerging marketplace.

Visit us on www.beaxy.com, follow us on Twitter @beaxyexchange on Facebook @beaxy and on Instagram @beaxyofficial

Quant media contact: Kayleeann Maritz

Email: [email protected]

Quant Network is a technology provider enabling trusted digital interaction, helping create a secure digital future to the benefit of enterprises, regulators, governments, and individuals. Recognised for having solved interoperability through the creation of the world’s first blockchain operating system Overledger, Quant Network is leading the way for innovation and blockchain adoption across enterprise. Headquartered in London, UK, Quant Network is committed to building an internet people can trust.

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