Receive Quant Network updates on Blockfolio Signal

We are excited to announce that Quant Network is joining Blockfolio Signal so that you can view your tokens and all of our recent announcements in the same place.

Many of you may already be familiar with Blockfolio, as it is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker – allowing users to see the latest prices, market data, team updates, and news.

Blockfolio Signal is a first of its kind communications platform built exclusively for token teams to connect and engage with their communities. Signals are shown in your livefeed but also appear on the QNT token page, meaning that anyone discovering or viewing the token will immediately see the latest Quant Network news and updates.

Alongside regular announcements, we will be using Blockfolio Signal to provide updates to Overledger and GoVerify that are more technical in nature. In addition to Blockfolio Signal, announcements will still be made on all of our official channels.

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