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You don’t need to be a DLT expert to build game-changing multi-DLT applications.

We believe that applications for distributed ledgers should be as simple to develop as other systems. And, with Quant Overledger, they are. What’s more, our patented cross-DLT technology, available via a REST API, allows applications to function across multiple distributed ledgers simultaneously.

Building applications on Overledger means:

Applications can be built via a single REST API. The complexity of DLTs, particularly in smart contract languages, cryptography and DLT data structures, are handled by Overledger.
Applications can interact with multiple DLTs in a standardised way using Quant’s patented cross-DLT Technology.
Applications are fully scalable- Overledger currently has connections to 6 DLTs, and access to National and Regional Distributed Ledger Networks is coming in 2021. More DLTs will follow in the near future.
Applications will have access to DLT resources and networks made available on both Overledger Network and Overledger Community Network.

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