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Overledger Enterprise Drive efficiencies and realise growth with DLT interoperability

The world’s first DLT Gateway for business.

Overledger will help you ensure that your business is ready to make the most of every opportunity, both now and in the future. Why? Because, as an API Gateway for distributed ledgers, it delivers universal interoperability, connecting any system to any network or any DLT, old or new.

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Universal Interoperability

Providing a secure, simple, and cost-effective API connection to all major DLTs, Overledger’s highly modular architecture offers universal interoperability through the continuous addition of DLT and API connectors. All connectors are based on a single standards-aligned API, and most DLT actions are available simply through the selection of DLT type, with no other changes needed. Overledger also supports functionality unique to specific DLTs, using the same API and standards-aligned message format.

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Developed by a team highly experienced in enterprise security and nation-level critical systems, Overledger is fully compliant with the strictest regulatory standards, providing the levels of security and resilience required by international organisations and governments. Built around the needs of large enterprises, Overledger is extremely easy to install, through simple integration with existing technology stacks and processes, and is designed to slot easily into any IT operation.

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Overledger enables organisations to easily and cost-effectively adapt to changing needs by making existing systems available to next generation applications, and by facilitating easy migration to new, or more appropriate, DLTs – all without the need to rewrite DLT applications. Fully aligned with current and emerging ISO DLT-interoperability standards – a programme led by Quant’s Gilbert Verdian - Overledger is continuously evolving to deploy the latest innovations.

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What Overledger can do for your business:

By delivering secure, simple and cost-effective integration of DLTs, without the need for new infrastructure or introducing bottlenecks, Overledger enables fast, easy deployment of business solutions, including those which require multi-chain strategies.

Overledger DLT Gateway allows customers to hugely increase the return on their investments in distributed ledger technologies. By making DLT technology accessible for mainstream enterprise developers, which allows for more flexible development, meaning that customers get their DLT based applications to market faster, and at lower cost.

It also allows new types of applications to be built. By breaking down DLT silos with Quant’s patented cross-DLT technology, available via REST API, Overledger provides a range of powerful cross-DLT transaction types. This allows applications to easily access, update and move data and assets held on all the DLTs and blockchains our customers use to operate their businesses.

Businesses face hard decisions when adopting DLTs.

Enterprise use of distributed ledger technologies is in its infancy, but we are already seeing signs of huge growth: hundreds of projects are already running, and production DLT networks have started to scale. Early adopters of the technology are already seeing benefits, and DLT-based solutions are becoming mainstream in many sectors.

However, though rapidly evolving, the technology itself is still very new. While there are more than a hundred different DLT implementations – and the number is still growing - the ability of these DLT-based data stores to work together is very limited. There are no standards, and few implementations outside of token-based cryptocurrency platforms.

This presents a huge barrier to adoption. The many advantages of using a DLT to store data must be balanced against the technical complexity of operating it, as well as the strategic implications of storing that data in a system that is unable to communicate with any similar systems.

From a technical point of view, most DLTs require experts with niche skills, particularly in smart contract languages, cryptography and DLT data structures. Applications development requires expensive consultants or staff with specific skillsets – skillsets which cannot be easily redeployed to other projects as business needs evolve.

Overledger puts your business first.

Currently, each individual DLT project and product in the market aims at market dominance. This means that interoperability is not a relevant consideration. After all, if all customers use only a single product (often a single, public instance), then interoperability is not required.

At Quant, we have a different outlook: we believe that customers should be free to choose the appropriate technology for their use case. They should be able to run multiple instances of a DLT and have the ability to move data seamlessly between them.

We believe DLT applications should be as straightforward to develop as other systems. Customers should not have to choose between paying high consultant rates, hiring niche skillsets or using pre-packaged applications. DLT application development should be accessible to all enterprise programmers, and customers should be able to use existing staff on DLT projects.

Overledger makes DLTs fit for enterprise.

By accessing their DLTs through an Overledger gateway, all the functionality of the underlying DLT is exposed in a simple REST API. Where each DLT has proprietary and complex data structures, developers using Overledger can use a standard set of data structures with any DLT. As Overledger does the conversion to native DLT formats, there is no need for specialised skills and knowledge simply to write an application.

Overledger’s API provides simple-to-use cross-DLT functions, backed by our patented technology. Whether it’s coordinating transactions across DLTs, migrating assets or data, exchanging ownership of assets held on different DLTs, or issuing tokens/assets for use across multiple DLTs, Overledger makes it simple. Overledger also supports standard API authentication (OAuth 2.0) and standard message security (JWT/JWS), converting these in a secure manner to the various security mechanisms used by each different DLT.
A wide range of public and permissioned DLTs are supported by Overledger, which also supports hosted DLTs from providers like Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.