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Overledger Community Network   
Join the next generation of multi-DLT networks

Secure by design, open by nature.

Overledger is an API Gateway for distributed ledgers. It allows customers to hugely increase the return on their investments
in distributed ledger technologies, by breaking down DLT silos, removing the barriers to DLT interoperability and making DLT technology accessible for mainstream enterprise developers.

Overledger Network is an open business network of DLT networks, connected by Overledger gateways (and, in future,
other ODAP compliant gateways), to present the world of DLT resources as a REST API.

Overledger Community Network is our cost-effective “DLT Native” network, aimed at the wider DLT community. It runs
alongside Overledger Network, and is fully hosted and managed by Quant, supporting community plans for both developers and Remote Connector Gateways.

Overledger Community Network is also our production testbed for new, innovative features, and we value feedback and insights from our community. By using the Community Network, developers have early access to the benefits of new Quant technology.

Overledger Network delivers value to members 24/7.

Overledger Community Network has been operational since June 2020, and currently supports Ethereum, XRP Ledger, Bitcoin and Hyperledger Fabric, Corda and Quorum DLTs. Support for other major DLTs will be available in 2021.

Overledger Community Network alongside Overledger Network.
Overledger Network
Overledger Community Network
Operated with QNT, Fees and Rewards paid in QNT
Operated with QNT, Fees and Rewards paid in GBP (other fiat currencies in future)
Customers can operate Overledger DLT Gateways on the Network
Customers can operate Remote Connector Gateways on the Network
Customers can offer resources (DLT access) to developers on the network
Customers can control which developers / apps can access their resources
App developers can control which Overledger DLT Gateways or RCGs their apps use to access resources
Application access to resources controlled by routing algorithm according to RCG availability, performance and staking
High level of security controls: Oauth 2.0, TLS 1.2, JWS public key message signing
Early access to new features and technologies as they are developed
KYC and identification required for Mainnet access

How to become a member of Overledger Community Network:

To join the Community Network as an independent developer, simply sign up to the developer programme. Quant provides a developer portal and sandbox to all developers and will also promote applications that showcase Overledger's value. To join the Community Network as a Remote Connector Gateway operator, you also sign up with Quant to get downloads of Remote Connector Gateway software and access to the operator portal. The portal allows you to configure your gateway on the Community Network and set your pricing and staking. You can also see your earnings and choose to get paid earlier than the usual quarterly payment schedule.