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Overledger Network Enterprise
Secure and easy access to new markets and wider ecosystems

Overledger is an API Gateway for distributed ledgers. It allows users to significantly increase the return on their investments in distributed ledger technologies, by breaking down DLT silos, removing the barriers to DLT interoperability and making DLT technology accessible for mainstream enterprise developers.

One API to many business and public DLT based networks.

Overledger Network is an open network connecting a range of public and commercial DLTs. They are connected by Overledger DLT gateways (and, in future, other ODAP compliant gateways), and Overledger Network presents the world of DLT resources as a REST API.

Overledger Network uses Overledgers world leading DLT interoperability to providing secure, controlled access to the distributed ledgers, data and services of Overledger Network’s participants. This makes it fast and easy to set up trading relationships or consortia – or to monetise services and data assets for use in Overledger applications.

Easily connect all major DLTs and other networks  through  a  secure  API.

Essentially a network of networks, Overledger Network allows enterprises to connect to all major DLTs, and other networks, through Quant’s secure API. The result is a level of connectivity that delivers massive benefits by facilitating enterprise access to new markets and new users across all distributed ledgers, and other systems, without compromising corporate security policies or regulation. It also allows users to create new revenue streams by making in-house DLT assets available to third party developers through a controlled and secure platform.

How it works:

All developers on the network are explicitly identified and belong to a “home” Overledger. Once a developer has been verified, they are recognisable across the entire Overledger Network. The organisation operating each Overledger is responsible for verifying its own developer community.

Organisations that operate nodes on permissioned or private DLTs can grant developers, groups or organisations commercial access to all, or part, of their resources. As the owners of their services, they decide who can discover, read or write via their resources.

Security across the network is maintained with TLS connectivity throughout, and OAuth 2.0 identification, Overledger’s federated role-based access control, and all messages are signed with JWS.

This combination of technologies ensures that every access across the network is fully identifiable, unmodified, encrypted in transit and only executed with the permission of the service owner.

Quant cross-DLT technology links connected DLTs, for the most powerful applications.

Overledger Network allows completely new applications to be built. The range of data and services, available by connecting providers together, is huge, and Overledger’s patented cross-DLT technology applies across the Overledger Network.

Cross-DLT technology allows applications to span DLTs, business processes and organisations. This unlocks organisational and industry siloes,
streamlines previously complex processes, and allows digitisation of processes that, before, were extremely problematic.

How to become a member of Overledger Network:

To become a member of the network as an independent developer, simply sign up with Quant. Quant Overledger provides a developer portal and sandbox to all developers and also promotes applications that showcase Overledger’s value.

Organisational members can join the network in two ways. Those with their own developer community can license the Overledger DLT Gateway, providing community members full access to Overledger Network.

Organisations that make DLT access available to the Overledger Network are paid for doing so via revenue sharing, and can set their own pricing for access to the DLT nodes they operate.

Sharing DLT assets with trusted network members.

For member organisations that operate DLTs or DLT nodes, but do not have their own developer community, Quant offers a Remote Connector Gateway.

The Overledger Remote Connector Gateway connects DLTs in the same way as Overledger, but the management and access control features are hosted within an instance of Overledger DLT Gateway. Independent DLT node operators can connect to Quant’s Overledger instance, and are paid for access to their services in the same way as Overledger customers.

Overledger customers that have DLTs or DLT access operated by subsidiaries, partners or other organisationally distant collaborators, can access their resources via Overledger’s Remote Connector Gateway, without the need for multiple Overledger DLT Gateway licenses.

Developer access to these resources is via the Overledger DLT Gateway to which the Remote Connector Gateways are linked.

Overledger Network is operational 24/7 delivering value to members.

Overledger Network has been operational since June 2020, and today supports Ethereum, XRP Ledger, Bitcoin and Hyperledger Fabric, Corda and Quorum DLTs. Connectivity to National and Regional Distributed Ledger Networks is due in 2021, providing access to the major regional infrastructures in across the globe.

By extending the scope of Quant’s Cross-DLT technology globally, the value of DLT in supply chains, finance, provenance, ESG, energy trading, and many more use cases is massively increased.