Overledger OS

Harness the power of multiple distributed ledgers.

Enable connections.

Create new possibilities.

With Quant Overledger, unlocking the benefits of blockchain is incredibly easy. It’s an operating system that lets you connect or interoperate any legacy network, and every current and future blockchain, with no extra overhead. All you need is just three lines of code.

Overledger: Blockchain’s missing link


Make trusted transactions with multiple current and future blockchains


Access multiple interoperable blockchains with just 3 lines of code- without the need to invest in further infrastructure or specialist resources.

Stable and secure

Build applications that remain stable in a rapidly changing distributed ledger environment.


Access multiple blockchains in minutes.


Fast and easy to extend across applications as your needs grow.

Future proof

Protect against changes in technology and limit lock-in.


Take advantage of different, or advancements in, blockchain systems with minimal effort and expense.


Benefit from a multichain strategy without duplication of resources, cost and effort.