Overledger OS

Creating a new future for blockchain.

The potential applications of blockchain technology are seemingly endless. But its true value will only be realised when different blockchains can be easily, seamlessly and cost-effectively interconnected and interoperated.


That’s precisely what Overledger delivers. With our technology, you can connect and interoperate as many blockchains as you need, to make use of a full complement of features. All with just a few lines of code.


Here are just a few examples of how Overledger can solve problems, create new possibilities – and introduce new benefits.

Financial Services: Capital Markets

The use of multiple distributed ledgers in capital markets can carry uncertainty and risk. Quant Overledger mitigates this risk by taking full advantage of DvP capabilities.

Financial Services: Digital Assets

Modelling assets on distributed ledgers has significant benefits. But the process can be complex and weighed down by regulatory demands. Read how Quant Overledger makes life much easier.

Financial Services: Infrastructure

Distributed ledgers is an emerging technology. As yet, it’s not clear which – if any – ledger will dominate. But with Quant Overledger, it doesn’t matter. Your system is interoperable and future-proof.

Regulators – Digital Identity

Managing identifiers in a distributed ledger environment can be complex and limiting. With Quant Overledger you don’t need to worry about identifier changes – and you get other benefits, too.

Institutions: Multi-chain events

The introduction of cryptocurrencies and digital assets presents a complex event management and ID problem for financial institutions everywhere. Overledger simplifies the complexities of a multi-chain strategy.

IOT and Mobility

Mobile ecosystems are increasingly important in a hyper-connected mobile world. Quant Overledger provides fast, low-cost application development.

Healthcare Infrastructure

Today’s digital technology has the potential to bring real and significant benefits to the healthcare industry, yet digital transformation of health care infrastructure is slow and costly. The rapidly maturing technology of blockchain (and the more generic distributed ledger technology) offers a safe and secure way of opening up and interconnecting systems, without a central bottleneck.

Healthcare: Clinical Trials

With rising costs of clinical trials and diminishing returns on R&D, streamlining and automating certain aspects of clinical trials in a trusted, secure and auditable way can radically improve management efficiency, by allowing more accurate prediction of trial timelines and costs.

Healthcare: Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Pharmaceutical supply chains are extremely complex with many intermediaries and stakeholders. Blockchain technology can enable better control and monitoring of supply chains by creating a visible trusted and immutable audit trail of pharmaceuticals from bench to patient.