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Tracking asset storage across distributed ledgers

Originally created to facilitate the transfer of value and assets between participants without the need for a third party, blockchains and distributed ledgers can today be used to record ownership of assets, whether physical or digital. The use of distributed ledgers allows for easy asset transfer between participants, without a central bottleneck, while providing a tamper-proof audit trail which can be made available to any regulatory body.

The challenge

While the use of distributed ledgers has major benefits, it also has a significant downside: how do you transact, exchange and store digital assets?

The solution

Quant Overledger eliminates this problem at source. Because Overledger provides users with a simple interface for transferring assets with atomic swaps, they don’t have to worry about which distributed ledger or blockchain their asset is stored on. What’s more, Overledger also allows the creation of new assets on any connected distributed ledgers – so there’s no need for blockchain coding.



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