Financial Services


Eliminating risk from committing to distributed ledgers

The potential for distributed ledgers to deliver frictionless and more efficient integration within the Financial Services sector is enormous. The technology could, for example, provide insurance groups with secure access to real-time information on deposits and loans; or it could allow automatic payments to be triggered when an investment provides a dividend, or the introduction of trust and traceability could facilitate the creation of new liquid markets for raising capital. The possibilities are endless.

The challenge

But, as with all emerging technologies, the future of distributed ledgers is uncertain. Will a single ledger dominate? If so, which? By committing prematurely to single distributed ledgers, institutions may be exposing themselves to significant risk, limitations and lock-in.

The solution

With Quant Overledger, organisations are future-proof. Using a single, simple interface, Overledger connects multiple (and different) ledgers, allowing companies to choose the most appropriate distributed ledger for each task and have limitless access to new markets. No user requirement versus technical trade-off needs to be made.



Stable and secure



Future proof