IOT and Mobility

Connecting mobile ecosystems

The world is becoming ever-more mobile and machine connected, And, as it does so, there is an ever-greater need for systems which support that mobility – systems which provide secure, reliable interconnectivity and transactions on the move. Blockchain is already making such systems possible. Soon, simple processes – such as the return of a hired vehicle, for example – will be routinely codified in secure Smart Contracts, which will be automatically triggered if certain conditions are satisfied.

The challenge

But, with such ‘mobility ecosystems’ evolving so quickly, it will be necessary to move new and legacy systems from one blockchain to another with minimal effort and expense. And it’s important to remember that many legacy systems will have useful data that must be preserved in any new DLT-based solution. Payment systems such as TfL’s Oyster Card, for example, carries an underlying set of owner data with event history.

The solution

Overledger allows existing non-DLT platforms to be integrated with DLT platforms smoothly and easily, and data to be securely shared and connected. It allows domain experts to focus on the business functionality of their domain rather than worrying about each underlying technology component. The result? Fast prototyping of new features and applications, with a fast feedback loop at low cost and minimal risk.



Stable and secure



Future proof