Multiple blockchain events

Easy implementation of compliance policies in a multiple blockchain environment

Cryptocurrencies and digital assets have many well-documented advantages. Fast transaction speed, low transaction costs, more control and higher security are just some of the benefits that make the technology so attractive to individuals and organisations alike. And they are benefits which are likely to drive its ever-wider use.

The challenge

But it’s also a technology which presents a complex problem for financial institutions and regulators around the world. The regional variation in compliance policy makes policy implementation difficult enough. But the issue is greatly compounded by the fact that transactions in a distributed ledger can be pseudo-anonymous, anonymous and/or private. Dealing effectively with new assets, while providing greater access to markets and encouraging innovation, is a major challenge.

The solution

Enter SeeQ. Providing a simple interface to access and search data from an ever increasing number of blockchains and distributed ledgers, Overledger can integrate with permissionless, as well as permissioned, blockchains, and specific blockchain accounts to search for data, value and transactions in a multi-chain world.



Stable and secure



Future proof