Regulators – Digital Identity

Identifying individuals in global distributed systems

The emergence of distributed ledgers offers huge promise for many sectors. It’s a technology which increases control and security, promotes transparency, minimises transaction time and cuts costs. But it also depends heavily on anonymity – users can be either pseudo-anonymous (where account details can be decrypted) or anonymous (where account details remain hidden).

The challenge

This leads to a problem for regulators: how to identify individuals in global distributed systems with pseudo-anonymous or anonymous identifiers? It’s a problem which is made even more complex by the fact that users of a distributed system can have multiple identifiers.

The solution

Quant Overledger solves the problem at a stroke, by allowing different distributed ledger identifiers to be linked together, into one Quant ID. This gives a user an easy way to track activities on multiple chains, while providing organisations with a flexible way to audit activities in a multi-chain environment.



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