Quant Network and AllianceBlock Announce Partnership | 20 Dec 2018 | London


The new partnership allows AllianceBlock to offer Quant Network’s Overledger solution to blockchain projects and SMEs listed on the AllianceBlock platform.

Quant Network is pleased to announce that they are partnering with AllianceBlock – an AI-powered decentralized investment and financing ecosystem, which allows corporates to quickly, cheaply and safely raise funds, whether it be equity, debt or tokens.

The new partnership allows AllianceBlock to offer Quant Network’s Overledger solution to blockchain projects and SMEs listed on the AllianceBlock platform. There are major limitations to current blockchain technology and Overledger provides a unique solution by making interoperability between different blockchains very easy and straightforward. Overledger is the world’s first blockchain operating system (OS) that not only connects blockchains to one another, but also connects existing networks to blockchain and facilitates the creation of internet scale multi-chain applications (mApps).

Gilbert Verdian, Founder and CEO of Quant Network, stated “We are excited to partner with AllianceBlock so that we can jointly help foster innovation and expand the blockchain ecosystem. Our Overledger operating system and Sentry AML & KYC product can help new start ups create products that weren’t possible before. This will allow Overledger to become a mainstream tool, offering an easy access to blockchain, and hence, the democratization of blockchain technology.”

“AllianceBlock will use Overledger to leverage multiple blockchains and create multi-chains token swaps. This partnership offers the possibility to open a new set of real-world applications leveraging different features from different chains. AllianceBlock is delighted about this partnership which will help blockchain projects and SMEs wield blockchain technology very easily” said Rachid Ajaja, Co-founder of AllianceBlock.

“This is the logical next step for us as an all-in-one financing and investment platform to support the growth and spread of blockchain technology into financial services” said Ajaja.


Overledger 2.x

Overledger 1.x


OAuth 2.0 standard (allowing SSO)

Proprietary (BPI Keys)


In API, seamless updates

In SDK, re-download for updates


Full abstraction across all DLTs

Partial, DLT-specific edge cases

RCG Framework

REST / JSON APIs from OVL Core

Proprietary P2P (experimental)

Time to Deploy

32 minutes (CI / CD pipelines)

1-2 weeks

QNT Utility Token / Treasury

Optimised, audited smart contracts

Experimental smart contracts


Optimised to scale fast – 23 Microservices

Hardened proof of concept
– 9 Microservices

Transaction Routing Algorithm

6 factor, game theory optimised

Experimental P2P emergent


Cloud native (scaling / resilience)

Standalone DB deployments

Cross-DLT Implementation

REST API calls direct to OVL, integrated smart contract back end

SDK-based Javascript 
apps call smart contract functions
via OVL

2021 Achievements

50% Quant team has grown by over 50% and will continue to do so 

OVL1.0 to 2.0 Release schedule accelerated, moved to much more frequent automated updates
– Previously, last major update was seven months, then in early 2021 moved to three months (Jan and March)
and then to monthly (April and May). We’re now moving to fortnightly releases. 

2.5X Overledger is now 2.5x bigger (April)  

2.0 Re-engineered the entire 2.0 architecture

Open API 3.0 for easy integration into developer workflows

OAuth 2.0 for single sign on for enterprise customers    

Cloud Native Scalable and resilient already, now deployable automatically 

Native Transactions 

OVL 2.0 Developer portal 2.0