Quant partners with LCX to advance CBDC Settlement implementation


By collaborating on research and development, and integrating their respective technologies, DLT thought leader, Quant, and cryptoasset pioneer, LCX, will further accelerate the progression towards CBDCs.

April 19, 2021.

Quant and LCX (Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange), have agreed a strategic partnership to leverage the synergies between the technologies of the two companies. By collaborating and integrating their respective technologies, the agreement will contribute significantly to the advance of the banking and finance sector, particularly with respect to the implementation and settlement of CBDCs, banking stable coins and digital asset securities. Quant and LCX will conduct research and work together to be integrated into the Overledger Network as a key partner to transact and settle transactions and digital assets for community, enterprise and institutional clients.

Operating a regulated trading platform (the LCX Exchange), LCX is building a financial ecosystem for crypto and fiat currencies alike, to become the new category leader in the blockchain industry.

With a focus on the tokenisation of assets, utility and security token offerings and advanced trading tools, LCX offers a range of digital currencies, and is rapidly becoming established as a retail exchange with technology that can help other institutions launch their own digital assets.  

The synergies between LCX and Quant technologies are clear and significant. As a pioneer in distributed Ledger technology, Quant is the world’s first provider of true universal DLT Interoperability, and the company’s core technology (Overledger) is enabling the implementation of many national and international DLT projects. An example of such a project is the partnership between LACChain, a global alliance led by the Inter-American Development Bank, and Quant, who have integrated their technologies to create a new, fast cross border payments and inter-bank network for the LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) region, using tokenised currency. By flexibly tokenising money, using Quant’s (patent-pending) multi-DLT token technology, LACChain will power a range of new solutions, from interbank settlement and cross-border payments and remittance between private individuals, government and corporate payments, as well as many other future LACChain use cases.

“Due to their expertise and technology leadership, Quant plays a key role in global DLT Interoperability. Together we are pursuing the goal of translating this expertise into further growth, using LCX regulatory setup as a basis. In doing so, we hope to define a new industry leading standard that will open up the advantages of interoperable digital assets,” says Monty C. M. Metzger, CEO and Founder of LCX.com.
“We’re extremely pleased to announce this partnership between Quant and LCX,” said Gilbert Verdian, CEO, Quant. “The implementation of CBDCs across the world is now a question of when, not if, though some key challenges remain. Our technology is already playing a critical role in helping to overcome these challenges, and this partnership with LCX accelerate progress still further, by giving financial institutions, commercial banks and end-users in the financial sector even more options to settle between digital assets, securities and currencies.”

About LCX

LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange is a regulated fintech company that focuses on digital asset trading, compliant token offerings and tokenization. LCX Exchange offers individuals a secure and compliant trading platform for a variety of digital assets. Founded in 2018, the firm is headquartered in Vaduz Liechtenstein and maintains offices in Switzerland and India.


Overledger 2.x

Overledger 1.x


OAuth 2.0 standard (allowing SSO)

Proprietary (BPI Keys)


In API, seamless updates

In SDK, re-download for updates


Full abstraction across all DLTs

Partial, DLT-specific edge cases

RCG Framework

REST / JSON APIs from OVL Core

Proprietary P2P (experimental)

Time to Deploy

32 minutes (CI / CD pipelines)

1-2 weeks

QNT Utility Token / Treasury

Optimised, audited smart contracts

Experimental smart contracts


Optimised to scale fast – 23 Microservices

Hardened proof of concept
– 9 Microservices

Transaction Routing Algorithm

6 factor, game theory optimised

Experimental P2P emergent


Cloud native (scaling / resilience)

Standalone DB deployments

Cross-DLT Implementation

REST API calls direct to OVL, integrated smart contract back end

SDK-based Javascript 
apps call smart contract functions
via OVL

2021 Achievements

50% Quant team has grown by over 50% and will continue to do so 

OVL1.0 to 2.0 Release schedule accelerated, moved to much more frequent automated updates
– Previously, last major update was seven months, then in early 2021 moved to three months (Jan and March)
and then to monthly (April and May). We’re now moving to fortnightly releases. 

2.5X Overledger is now 2.5x bigger (April)  

2.0 Re-engineered the entire 2.0 architecture

Open API 3.0 for easy integration into developer workflows

OAuth 2.0 for single sign on for enterprise customers    

Cloud Native Scalable and resilient already, now deployable automatically 

Native Transactions 

OVL 2.0 Developer portal 2.0