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Quant Network Joins the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

London (25 September, 2018) – Quant Network — an innovative, global blockchain start-up  —  today announced its inclusion in the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC), composed of more than 100 large companies, law firms, software companies and universities

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Overledger Business Paper

Release V0.1 (alpha), 10 March 2018

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White Paper

Overledger White Paper

Release V0.1 (alpha), 31 January 2018

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Press Release

Quant Network Update | BlockchainBrad | Crypto CEO Interview | Crypto news | Blockchain Business

EXCLUSIVE: BlockchainBrad @(Brad_Laurie) talks with @quant_network’s CEO Gilbert Verdian about all the #QUANT updates!

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USNews: Blockchain’s Hope and Hype

The technology that is the backbone of cryptocurrencies is stirring change – and anxiety – in many countries.

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Fox News: Blockchain -what it is and why breaking down its barriers will unleash untold potential in … everything

Not since the Internet itself has a technology shown such promise and elicited such excitement as blockchain. It is predicted in the next few years, much of our digital consumption will be run via a blockchain foundation without us even realizing it.

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Readwrite: The Way Forward for Businesses on Blockchain

Over the past 18 months, we have witnessed a significant shift in the state of the financial markets. Cryptocurrencies, once a niche fascination, have exploded in value. At the start of 2017, digital currencies held collective market cap of less than a $20 billion.

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New York Times: Blockchain Will Be Theirs, Russian Spy Boasted at Conference

Russian interest in the technology surrounding virtual currencies, like in this crypto-mining operation in Moscow, is growing. Last year, employees of Russia’s spy agency attended a meeting where international standards for the so-called blockchain were discussed.

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Cryptovest: Quant Rescues Crypto Freedom Fighters from Single Ledger Dependence

Despite all the crypto hype surrounding us in the past year, there are certain limitations to the potential of blockchain technology. The lack of interoperability and single ledger dependence are severe barriers to further blockchain expansion.

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Crypto Times Japan: Project to connect blockchains together

From now on, as block chains penetrate the world and the number increases, the need for data movement and transaction approval between chains will increase, and cooperation between chains will become indispensable .

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Nasdaq: What I Learned About Bitcoin Could Make You A Fortune…

When I was first asked to write a book about bitcoin, the price was hovering at about $3,000. As part of my research, I bought a little.

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Nasdaq: Quant Network Launches Overledger for Cross-Blockchain Data Interoperability

Last month, science and technology magazine New Scientist covered the Overledger project in a story titled, “The Blockchain to Fix All Blockchains.” The story emphasizes the need for data interoperability technology across different blockchains that could play a role similar to TCP/IP, which enabled the internet to thrive.

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New Scientist: How do you link the world’s blockchains?

THE blockchain revolution is struggling. The much-vaunted technology behind bitcoin promises to enable trusted transactions without intermediaries, so why have the overwhelming majority of new blockchain projects failed?

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