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What is Open Banking?

Open Banking has the power to revolutionise the way we move, manage and make more use of our money.


Open Banking is a new, secure way for consumers including small businesses to share bank information, allowing an ecosystem for companies to offer super-fast payment methods and innovative banking products.

Quant Atlas enables interoperable banking by interconnecting the world’s Open Banking networks to unlock business value

Quant Atlas possibilities:


  • Reduce friction for Open Banking customers using TPPs in multiple countries.
  • Recognise cross-border authorisation and consent
  • Align regulatory harmonisation to export Open Banking solutions from one jurisdiction to another
  • Allow for cross border open banking operations by participants
  • Enhanced Consumer and business protection against Fraud – via additional levels of encryption based on our Zero Knowledge Proof.

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By leveraging the power of cross border open banking through Atlas, we’ve created a banking platform for core suppliers of data and banking services and regulated third-party providers to innovate, create new business models and deliver new solutions and services for consumers. 


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