close-up of a tablet displaying a graph, accessing transactions easily and cost-effectively through SeeQ

Multi-DLT search and analysis.

SeeQ makes the analysis of multi-DLT transaction patterns easy for tax authorities, regulatory bodies and other agencies. It can be used to simplify selfdeclarations, enforcement or AML/CTF operations.

SeeQ uses Overledger to compile a full transaction history from all in-scope DLTs (typically Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, but many others are supported). These histories are unspooled into a cloud-based graph database, for use by front end SeeQ applications, such as SeeQ Explore, a web-based analysis, visualisation and case management tool, designed to be integrated into existing workflows.

SeeQ is available to Overledger customers as an optional module, and is integrated with Overledger.

results page with transaction history in SeeQ
circular diagram of transaction history in SeeQ