Unlock the true potential of digital assets
Safely and securely exchange and store assets.

The use of distributed ledgers such as blockchains to record ownership of digital assets offers major benefits, such as the elimination of duplicated reconcilliation and notarisation processes. But it also presents a significant challenge: how can you safely and securely transact, exchange and store assets which have been created on disparate distributed ledgers?

Quant technology innovatively addresses this challenge for Enterprise. Overledger OS provides a simple interface for transferring assets with atomic swaps, so users don’t have to worry about which distributed ledger their asset is stored on. What’s more, Overledger OS also allows the creation of new assets on any connected distributed ledger, so there’s no need for coding. By connecting to legacy payment systems through Overledger OS, you can create truly comprehensive trade solutions quickly and easily.
Unlocking the true value of DLTs
Overledger OS has game-changing implications for the world of distributed ledgers. Why? Because it unlocks the true potential of DLTs at a single stroke. Now, organisations can initiate new business models or add new ecosystems by connecting and interoperating multiple DLTs and legacy systems quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. By removing the barriers to interoperation, Overledger OS allows you to create a whole new world of possibility.
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