Build a more open and cost effective supply chain
Remove the barriers to evolving your supply chain

In today’s global trading environment, supply chains must meet an ever-wider range of needs, from providing proof of ethical sourcing, to maximising business continuity and efficiency. As they become more complex, however, meeting these needs has become a major challenge. Although distributed ledger technologies offer a potential solution to meeting this challenge, through their ability to provide secure transparency and an immutable audit trail, this potential is limited by the current lack of interoperability between DLTs.

Quant’s Overledger OS eliminates this limitation. By allowing disperate DLTs and legacy systems to seamlessly interoperate, Overledger OS unlocks the full capabilities of DLT, allowing secure transparency, and fast, easy participation of all stakeholders and intermediaries. Quant Overledger OS provides a mechanism for building more secure, open and cost-efficient supply chains.
Unlocking the true value of DLTs
Overledger OS has game-changing implications for the world of distributed ledgers. Why? Because it unlocks the true potential of DLTs at a single stroke. Now, organisations can initiate new business models or add new ecosystems by connecting and interoperating multiple DLTs and legacy systems quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. By removing the barriers to interoperation, Overledger OS allows you to create a whole new world of possibility.
Enabling a new generation of agri-food supply chains
Reducing seafood fraud with more transparent and traceable supply chains
Making supply chains more transparent, traceable and trustworthy