Unlock the value of interoperable smart contracts
Gain the benefits of seamless trade

Today, trade finance is a key element in almost all cross-border trading. And, as supply chains become ever bigger and more complex, involving vast networks of partners, suppliers and third parties, it is more important than ever. Yet most trade finance remains paper-based, resulting in high-friction, low-efficiency processes that are often slow and cumbersome. Distributed Ledger technology has the potential to change all this, by automating digital business flows with smart contracts to facilitate seamless trade and unlock value flows between participants and consumers.

But, for DLT to deliver real gains to complex supply chains, interoperability between different DLTs is critical. Quant technology provides this interoperability for trade finance by interconnecting trade consortiums and disparate supply chain networks. Our Overledger OS and Overledger Network solutions provide a fast, easy route to interconnecting and interoperating internal and external DLTs and legacy networks, allowing faster, cheaper, more transparent and more sustainable trade.
Unlocking the true value of DLTs
Overledger OS has game-changing implications for the world of distributed ledgers. Why? Because it unlocks the true potential of DLTs at a single stroke. Now, organisations can initiate new business models or add new ecosystems by connecting and interoperating multiple DLTs and legacy systems quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. By removing the barriers to interoperation, Overledger OS allows you to create a whole new world of possibility.
Automating complex processes and enabling choice for stakeholders
Streamlining commodity flow across the world
Bringing trade finance into the digital age