Build a network of networks
Why Overledger Network?
Connect to new markets and customers – securely, quickly and cost-effectively
Connecting to new markets and users can be a major challenge. Using Overledger Network, an enterprise can move outside of its own ecosystem and connect with other DLTs and networks around the globe – without the risk or cost of developing and running a new infrastructure specific to each DLT.
Connect quickly and simply to an ecosystem of DLTs
Essentially a network of networks, Overledger Network allows enterprises to connect to all major DLTs, and other networks, through Quant’s secure API. The result is a level of connectivity that delivers massive benefits by facilitating enterprise access to new markets and new users across all distributed ledgers and other systems, without compromising corporate security policies or regulation. It also allows you to create new revenue streams by making in-house DLT assets available to third party developers through a controlled and secure platform.
Automating complex processes and enabling choice for stakeholders
Streamlining commodity flow across the world
Bringing trade finance into the digital age
Creating a new global energy ecosystem
Treaty Contracts: Connecting Central Bank Digital Currencies
Modernising information exchange for utility companies
Improving the efficiency and management of clinical trials
Improving the safety of medicine
Increasing business efficiency in agriculture
Delivering an improved model for financial reporting
Enabling a new generation of agri-food supply chains
Maximising the benefits of knowing your customer
Reducing seafood fraud with more transparent and traceable supply chains
Unlocking the potential of stablecoin for commercial banks
Enabling open access to CBDCs for the first time
Facilitating a global ecosystem for digital assets
Making supply chains more transparent, traceable and trustworthy

Fast, easy interconnection with any DLT platform or legacy system.


Easily deploy new or different DLTs, and get full protection from the effects of changes in underlying technology.


Quick and simple to use, you don’t have to invest in further infrastructure or specialist resources.


Easily connect additional DLTs or legacy systems as your eco-system expands.


Ensure stability in a rapidly evolving distributed ledger environment.


Make a multi-chain DLT strategy financially viable and sustainable.