Automating complex processes and enabling choice for stakeholders

For buyers and sellers involved in large capital purchases, trade finance offers many benefits, ranging from freeing up working capital to mitigating risk. But the processes used to manage trade finance transactions remain traditional and paper-based, resulting in a costly, insecure and inefficient systems which slows down trade and restricts business opportunity. Clearly, it is a system that needs to be optimised.


The ideal way of achieving this optimisation is through the use of DLTs. In fact, some efforts to implement the technology have already been made. But success has been limited. And it is likely to remain limited until the many stakeholders – which range from buyers and sellers to banks and logistics companies – in a typical transaction can integrate their systems. As each of these systems will almost certainly use a different DLT platform, such integration means that each individual DLT must be interoperable. Historically, however, DLTs have built been built in isolation, and are therefore non-interoperable.


Until, that is, very recently. Now, Quant provides this interoperability. Our Overledger OS and Overledger Network solutions provide a fast, easy route to interconnecting and interoperating internal and external DLTs and legacy networks, to facilitate unprecedented levels of connectivity while preserving the data ownership and privacy levels expected for financial transactions. By linking different stakeholders and participants with swappable digital assets and payment channels such as stablecoins, without the complexity of multiple infrastructure and environments, Overledger provides a simple, cost-efficient route to marketplace connectivity and greater choice for stakeholders.

Automating complex processes and enabling choice for stakeholders
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