Facilitating a global ecosystem for digital assets


Today, the use of DLT to digitise and tokenise physical and illiquid assets can unlock new value and trading opportunities that were not previously possible. But, while the potential benefits of tokenisation are huge, the siloed nature of the DLT industry severely hinders the realisation of these benefits. As long as assets are able to exist only within a closed network of a few participants, the scale and reach of digital assets, including Central Bank Digital Currencies, will remain extremely limited. Removing this barrier has proved a significant challenge.


It is a challenge that was recognised by Quant at an early stage. We set about meeting it by  – firstly – establishing the baseline methodologies currently being developed through ISO Standards, and then  addressing the critical issue of interconnectivity and interoperability. By developing a secure solution to the challenge of interoperability we unlocked the potential of entire ecosystems and markets to transact and trade digital assets.


By removing the barriers to entry and opening up closed networks, we have facilitated a global trading ecosystem that – for the first time – allows digital assets to flow, simply and seamlessly, around the world. The many benefits of this include greater liquidity to asset owners, 24/7 markets, lower transactions costs, fractional ownership, automated and quicker settlement, improved compliance checks, and a broader slate of possibilities with smart security contracts..

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