Leading the connectivity revolution

Recent years have seen massive advances in distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain. The result is a revolution in the way individuals and organisations connect and interact with each other.

Quant is leading this revolution. We’ve already developed Overledger OS – the world’s first DLT operating system for Enterprise that delivers interoperability between different DLTs, as well as existing platforms, business applications and networks. Now, we’re building on this platform to help governments, organisations and individuals across the globe benefit from the true potential of an incredibly powerful technology.

“For decentralised ledgers and applications to succeed on a global scale, we need interoperability, openness, ease of adoption and harmonised regulation to communicate, exchange and transact data across multiple ledgers.”

Gilbert Verdian
CEO and founder, Quant Network
Quant named a supplier on UK Government's Crown Commercial Service (CCS) G-Cloud 12 framework

Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 12 framework to offer Overledger as a cloud software.

Automating complex processes and enabling choice for stakeholders
Streamlining commodity flow across the world
Bringing the trade finance industry into the digital age
Creating a new global energy ecosystem
Connecting Central Bank Digital Currencies
Modernising information exchange in the utilities sector
Improving the management efficiency of clinical trials
Improving the safety of medicines
Increasing business efficiency in agriculture
Delivering an improved model for financial reporting
Enabling a new generation of agri-food supply chains
Maximising the benefits of knowing your customer
Reducing seafood fraud with more transparent and traceable supply chains
Unlocking the potential of stablecoin for commercial banks
Enabling open access to CBDCs for the first time
Facilitating a global ecosystem for digital assets
Making supply chains more transparent, traceable and trustworthy
Unlocking the true value of DLTs

Overledger OS has game-changing implications for the world of distributed ledgers. Why? Because it unlocks the true potential of DLTs at a single stroke. Now, organisations can initiate new business models or add new ecosystems by connecting and interoperating multiple DLTs and legacy systems quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. By removing the barriers to interoperation, Overledger OS allows you to create a whole new world of possibility.