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Interoperability in the financial world: DLT infrastructure provider Quant Network joins forces with hi-tech leader, SIA

Quant Network aims to unlock the full potential of distributed ledger technology by introducing a way of connecting blockchains via a single network, the Overledger DLT gateway. SIA a well-know hi-tech Italian company, which provide innovative solutions for the banking and finance sectors. The two companies have entered an agreement with the goal of integrating the SIAchain infrastructure into Quant's Overledger to develop DLT-based, cross-platform applications and services. The collaboration will help SIA create a fully interoperable blockchain network. It also serves to promote the benefits of DLT interoperability.

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Quant brings its ambitious vision for DLT interoperability into the Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem

Quant Network is a technology provider with a mission: to enable the universal implementation of any blockchain technology through the world’s first DLT gateway, Overledger. Oracle is the world’s largest database management company offering software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products. This move enables Quant to benefit from Oracle’s expertise in product and marketing as well as their world-class mentoring program and curriculum, engage with their global base of more than 430,000 customers, and be a part of a thriving startup community of inspired technology experts. Quant will facilitate Oracle’s drive cloud-based innovation and business growth.

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Quant Network introduces blockchain interoperability to Amazon Web Services

Quant Network’s core product, the Overledger platform, is the world’s first DLT gateway, which allows the interconnection of networks around the world by using just 3 lines of code. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides scalable, low-cost cloud platforms, powering businesses in 190 countries across Europe, US, South America and Asia. Quant has the status of a Technology Partner as part of Amazon’s AWS Partner Network (APN), a global partner program. APN technology partners offer software solutions that are either hosted or integrated with AWS. This partnership puts Quant closer to achieving our mission and helps AWS deliver flexibility, reliability and scalability to their clients.

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Quant Network is collaborating with Hyperledger to advance cross-industry blockchain technology and enable universal interoperability

Quant Network aims to change the way the digital world connects through its revolutionary platform, Overledger, the world’s only enterprise DLT
gateway. Hyperledger is an umbrella project of open source blockchains and related tools, which enables business to build industry-specific applications using distributed ledger technology. This collaborative effort encourages the development and mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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