Overledger is the world’s first blockchain operating system (OS) that not only inter-connects blockchains but also existing networks to blockchain and facilitates the creation of internet scale multi-chain applications otherwise known as mApps. Start building game changing applications with no additional infrastructure, using existing resources, and have the choice of interoperability in as little as 8 minutes.

The Enterprise Way For Businesses To Implement Blockchain

  • Overledger is a Blockchain operating system overlay that interconnects blockchain and the world’s networks. It enables interoperability between blockchains by sitting on top of a DLT and allowing you to transfer data across multiple chains and existing systems.


  • Overledger enables developers to build multi-chain applications (mApps) that seamlessly run the same business logic across different blockchain networks and protocols.


  • Overledger securely removes barriers prohibiting communication across multiple blockchains, providing endless possibilities for data and applications.


  • Overledger decouples the blockchain architecture in the “transaction layer”, “messaging layer”, “filtering and ordering layer” and the “application layer”. Our architecture follows similar principles that inspired the OSI and TCP/IP models for communication networks.


Blockchain’s Missing Link Is Here

The potential uses of blockchain technologies are seemingly endless. From providing easy access to global payments and online media to developing the world’s smart cities and hyper-connected economies, blockchain promises to resolve the flaws of existing systems.

The true innovation of blockchain technology is its ability to automate trust. The distributed ecosystem is built with transparency and includes advanced encryption that has no single point of failure or vulnerability to data tampering.

In order for decentralised ledgers and applications to succeed on a global scale, we need openness, ease of adoption and non-propriety technology that can communicate, exchange and replicate data across multiple ledgers.

Now, for the first time, we have to opportunity to honour the original vision of the internet and create a network in which transactions between two parties can be trusted.


Build Your Future

Overledger enables companies to develop sector specific solutions without worrying about excessive costs, complex infrastructure or vendor lock-ins. Our technology facilitates the potential for a return on investment across multiple industries including government, financial, healthcare and supply chains.

With our technology, businesses and developers are not limited to a single blockchain. You can access as many blockchains as you need and seamlessly incorporate a full compliment of features into your application.

A multi-chain strategy enables you to easily overcome challenges and improve your system with future technologies without having to pay excessive costs for installing multiple blockchains

By using overledger, you have the option to seamlessly incorporate multi-chain applications. You are not restricted to one blockchain only. With our code you can combine the transaction speed of Ripple with the scalability of Ethereum and any other DLT you need.


An Internet You Can Trust

The fundamental model of the internet and existing networks has severe limitations which can leave end-users vulnerable. Blockchain eliminates multiple issues by providing an incorruptible platform where two people can interact and transact with one another in an environment that promotes trust.

Blockchain networks create new business models, enhance trust and improves security. However, in the current paradigm, technology is being developed in isolation. This creates issues with proprietary lock-in, limited choices and development bottlenecks.

To avoid repeating past mistakes and to resolve current issues, the only viable solution is to cultivate a platform that promotes openness, interoperability, and widespread connectivity that allows blockchains to flourish. 

Our solution is Overledger, the world’s first blockchain operating system and provides any network in the world with a gateway to all other blockchains. In essence, Overledger is the foundation of the next-generation internet.

Our technology enables any application to seamlessly communicate with any blockchain. Together, we can build an internet that fosters trust. Regardless of what you need to do or when you need to do it, Overledger removes the technical complexities and the financial burdens with three lines of codes.

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