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We are unleashing the power of networks as connected as the world we live in


Meeting the interoperability needs of an interdependent world.

Today, we are more economically, socially, culturally and environmentally interconnected than ever before. Yet, it is becoming increasingly clear that our systems are unfit for the multi-faceted coordination required to meet our new reality.  

Distributed Ledger Technologies can leapfrog these limitations, but the lack of simplicity and interoperability across DLTs and their inability to integrate with different generations of systems, is preventing the technology from fulfilling its true potential. To some extent, this situation reflects the technology’s life stage, but it is greatly exacerbated by providers’ desire to push a singular DLT or blockchain solution for their benefit, even if at the expense of industry, society, and the world at large.  

In contrast to this approach, Quant’s platform is standardised and protocol-agnostic, simplifying and connecting any system to any network to any DLT anywhere in the world, to share, see and exchange information and value across them, securely, simply and cost-effectively. Furthermore, with easy implementation, focused innovation, and reliable support, Quant’s solutions ensure everyone gets the very best out of any DLT they choose.

Our Values:

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1. Being innovative is the challenge we love most.

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2. To build a trusted network, you have to understand the value of trust.

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3. Nothing big was ever built by thinking small. Problems are there to be solved.

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4. Continuous self-development demands continuous self-evaluation.

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5. Learn to adapt. Adapt to learn.

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6. Our technology is extremely powerful. But our respect for others and care for the environment is equally powerful.

Why Quant is different:

Recognised market leaders in DLT interoperability (Gartner & other analysts).
Management team with enterprise background and experience /mindset.
Technical team experienced in critical systems design and management.
Our in-house R&D of PHD team are recognised experts in DLT and systems design.
Total focus on enterprise solutions, standards based interoperability.
Vendor agnostic, with a wide range of partnerships.
Flexible deployment options, from on-premise deployments, to dedicated SaaS, to Cloud Marketplaces.